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The first book from Eggenland Publishing was born!

And it’s an ebook you haven’t seen or heard before. How Did Minimilian Pull Himself Together by a writer and illustrator Eggen is a combination of an interactive ebook, comics and animated movie. Get your fingers ready, open your eyes and ears wide and delve into the story about the small but handy hamster Minimilian, who works in advertising agency in the Department of Small Advertising Font. You can look forward refreshing dose of humor, healthy portion of strong emotions and some musing at the end. Together with version Interaktiv for iPads we also offer non-interactive, but on the other hand richly illustrated, version Klasik for iPads and Android tablets.


1. After payment you get an email with the download link
2. Download the ebook into your iPad or tablet
3. Download Kotobee Reader from App Store or Google Play
4. Open the ebook in the reader and voilà!

Which version would you like?


Illustrated, animated and interactive ebook with sounds for iPads. Created to be read in Kotobee Reader app, that supports epub 3.0. file.
Size: 474 MB


Illustrated ebook for iPads and Android tablets, and except of Kotobee Reader app, it can be easily bought and read in Apple Books .
Size: 53 MB


Illustrations from the ebook How Did Minimilian Pull Himself Together are available as Art Prints, Posters, Postcards, on Mugs, T-Shirts, journals, bags and even badges.


Why do I need Kotobee Reader App?

Because it supports epub 3.0. files. So in version Interaktiv you can enjoy animations, interactive elements and sounds. Moreover, when you read the ebook in Kotobee Reader, you see it as it was created. Version Klasik for iPads and Macs can be also bought and read in Apple Books.

Why is version Interaktiv only for iPads?

We would love to offer it for Android tablets as well, but they simply can’t cope with the newest interactive epub 3.0 file. At least for now.

And when I want to ask anything or write a review?

This is the first ebook project by Eggenland Publishing, so any question or opinion from our readers will make us happy:) Write to

Thank you for supporting independent art!