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you clicked on About page, so you might be wondering who is behind this Online Store :) It’s me! My name is Lucia  Eggenhoffer aka Eggen and I’m eggsited to see you here. I’m an illustrator, writer and photographer born in Slovak Republic, living in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Let me tell you story about Eggenland and how it all started.  

I published two books of poetry, won a Debut of a Year and many other prices. I worked as a creative copywriter, creative director and photographer for nearly 18 years. You can read more about my eggsperience and look at eggshibition of my awards on my personal webpage. When I reached 42 years of age I realized that I really miss my childhood passion, which was not supported by my family. As a child I was drawing all the time. I loved to look at the pictures in the books and studied them closely. I was amazed by animated movies in the television, especially Brigand Jurko by leggendary Slovak illustrator Viktor Kubal. It is about a Slovak folk hero Juraj Janosik. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out. It was created in 1976 and it still brings me the same feelings as when I was watching it as a child. 

At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I can come back to my passion after such a long time. But then it hit me. If I don’t do it now then when? All it needs is me stop dreaming and start working on my dreams. So I took a year off and was drawing every day. It all started with me drawing circles over and over eggen until there were nearly perfect and I didn’t feel confidence in my hand eggen. Until my hand wasn’t so carefree as it was when it was a child’s hand. After some time I draw this portrait of an old man and I knew I’m back. 

Pencil Portrait of and Old Man Lucia Eggenhoffer

Today (7th April 2020), when I’m writing this, it’s my 43rd birthday. What you see in Eggenland and in my personal portfolio is a result of my one year’s work. 

And I have it clear now. I want to spread joy, show this world in a creative way and make people smile and even learn new things. I believe that art should not just please our eyes, so in my illustrations and writings I also concentrate on issues that are important and can make this world a better place, if we are informed and do something about it. That’s why I created not just Animal Karaoke collection, which is full of funny animals singing their favorite karaoke song, but also Endangered Animals and Stop Narcissists collections. 

I’m back eggen and I won’t stop:)

When you buy an Art Print, Poster, T-Shirt or whatever you like in Eggenland, you are not just making yourself happy, you are becoming my patron. Thanks to your support I can keep on drawing illustrations and writing books. You can sign up for news from Eggenland to be updated about what I’m working on thanks to your support. 

Enjoy your visit in Eggenland, stay here as long as you want and make yourself at home. This place, where you can buy something eggstra, was created for you. And if there’s anything you would like to share with me or ask me, feel free to contact me at

Eggen, Bubble and Machiko


dog cat lucia eggenhoffer illustration

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