#VigilForTheLost – EGGENLAND

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  • Have become estranged from many friends because I can’t accept that men can become women. Doubly grievous that smart women cannot see how crazy gender ideology is – especially people who think of themselves as socialist – whatever happened to Materialism?

  • This was a great idea, thank you. People are really suffering because of gender ideology.

  • I lost the illusion that heterosexual folks really respected Lesbians and Gay men; that they’d cast aside the idea that we were deviants, freaks of nature, misfits “trapped” in the wrong body. That they realized there was nothing wrong with not conforming to rigid gender expectations. That they no longer thought of us as “queers”. The truth came at me like a hard slap in the face. They never changed the way they thought. They probably never will. But I’m glad the truth is out! It’s never good to deceive yourself about the way things really are.

    Donny C Hampton
  • I lost trust. I no longer trust people. I’m afraid to go public, afraid to be honest, afraid to lose people, afraid to hurt people.
    I lost faith. I no longer believe in common sense, science, politicians and mankind.

  • I think the “my baby” post hit me the most. Watson (she’s on twitter) spoke about her mother, how much she grieved the loss of her daughter, but wasn’t allowed to show it and was thoroughly supportive of her. Watson detransitioned and only recently had an open conversation with her mother. It’s terrible. The majority of these parents are decent people. Many aren’t even conservative, but left-leaning. It’s not prejudiced, it’s a simple human reaction. Taking away their right to grieve and to feel is atrocious. Thank you for giving them a platform.


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