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illustrated ebook


And it’s an ebook you haven’t seen or heard before. You know it. Ebooks mostly come with text only, eventually with images scanned from the printed book. Such ebooks just copy the printed book and don’t bring any added value to readers.

We are thinking differently in Eggenland Publishing. We believe that ebooks should be created from the very beginning with the knowledge that they are intended for the digital world. Because this world is different from the world of printed books and offers us new possibilities and ways to read books. So why not enjoy these possibilities? Imagine pictures in your books coming to life, talking to you, responding to your touch. Doesn't that sound great? We totally agree!:)

illustrated ebook

You will enjoy it all in the new ebook How Did Minimilian Pull Together by writer and illustrator Eggen. This ebook does’t just contain a great story, it is also unique - it’s a combination of an interactive book, a comic book and an animated film. This is difficult to describe. You have to see and hear it yourself.

Get your fingers ready, open your eyes and ears wide and immerse yourself in the story of a small but clever hamster Minimilian, who works in an advertising agency in the department of small advertising fonts. You can look forward a refreshing dose of humor, a healthy portion of strong emotions and some musing at the endAre you ready for eggscellent reader eggsperience?

In addition to the animated and sounded version of the Interaktiv ebook, which is created for iPads, we also have a non-interactive, richly illustrated version Klasik, which you can read on both iPads and Android tablets.

And as a bonus, we have prepared the Hamster Minimilian Collection for all lovers of book illustrations, in which you can buy your favorite illustrations as Art Prints, Posters or Postcards, on Mugs, T-shirts, Journals, Bags, even Badges. Illustrations don’t have to be just a part of your home, they can become a part of your life.

Stay tuned, because we are working on printed version of the ebook and we are starting to work on another book project. 

Minimilian & Eggenland Publishing ❤️

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